Contract Bridge' or, more simply, 'Bridge' is a card game that is universally known and referred to in the same way everywhere. It is played in fours, in opposing pairs and, unlike other games, in bridge the cards are only the tool needed to develop manoeuvres.

The term bridge emphasises that ideal bridge that is formed between partners, although some historians claim that bridge is a euphonic modification of the Russian term 'Biritch', by which a game similar to bridge was called in the 19th century.

From a simple game, bridge also became a competition and competitive activity around 1930, when the various National Leagues and International Organisations began to be formed to coordinate activities and organise competitions and championships.

Competitions are normally held in Bridge Clubs, but for events of particular size and importance, Congress Centres, Sports Halls and sports facilities are used.

What are the benefits?

The development of Bridge, which is the most popular game in the world and has over 1,500. The development of bridge, which is the most widespread game in the world and counts over 1,500,000 players and tens of millions of enthusiasts, is mainly due to the fact that it can be played by anyone, at any age and in any place, with practically no costs, it encourages aggregation and socialisation, it constitutes a training element for young people, accustoming them to observing and respecting the rules, to analysis, synthesis, deduction, logic and rationality, and it also constitutes a subsidiary element for the elderly becoming an irreplaceable gym for mental exercise.

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