The Gym

A gym is a place equipped to practise indoor sports, both individual and team sports.Gyms by definition are places where gymnastics is practised, of the aerobic and anaerobic muscular type, intended to improve the athletic and physical performance of the individual practising it

What are the benefits?

  • improved sports performance
  • strengthening of connective tissue (tendons and ligaments)
  • improvement of the cardiovascular system (greater volume of systolic output, reduction in resting F. C., decrease in arteriovenous pressure)
  • improvement of the skeletal system
  • increased strength
  • increased muscular endurance
  • improvement of the respiratory system (strengthening of respiratory muscles, "growth" of the rib cage)
  • improvement of the nervous system
  • improved joint mobility (through stretching)
  • strengthening of the circulatory system (by structuring training to high repetitions with short recovery times and medium/low loads)
  • improvement of proprioceptive and coordination skills
  • improvement of appearance
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